There is support for custom domain names?

rethumb supports the use of CNAME records for custom domain names.

You just add a CNAME record on your side with the value "" and use our dashboard to register the desired domain name.

In this way you can use something like to access our api: will work just like

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we have added HTTPS support to CNAME records using Let's Encrypt.

Old domains already have this enabled. New ones will be available up to 10 minutes after the register on our dashboard.



rethumb doesn't support HTTPS for CNAME records. It is something that we want to implement soon using Let's Encrypt certificates (

For now the best option is to get your domain behind a CDN like CloudFlare, they offer HTTPS and the CNAME record will work without any issue.

Our domain is already behind CloudFlare CDN but CNAME domains are not.

How do I get support for HTTPS and CNAME?  I get certificate warnings in my browser when browsing to my cname on HTTPS.


Edit 1: Hubspot works correctly in this regard for us.  They gave us a domain specific to our account to point our CNAME to.  I'm not sure how they pull it off just yet.  Probably some kind of really expensive wildcard certificate on their end.

Edit 2: Yes, you can see in the certificate provided by that the common name is while the subject alternative name lists and pretty much every one of their other clients that they pointed at that server.  That way the browser trusts it.  When we set this up with them, they asked us to go through some steps to help them verify that we had control over that domain so that they would feel good adding us to their certificate.

The subject alternative is also a solution. We will try to push this feature sometime next week.