Error #101 and Error #1203 many times

We are having many problems for about 10 days with your service, from error 101 to error 1203.

Another error that we are experiencing is the 400 answer by Headers large or cookie.

I would appreciate support in this situation.

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Our error rate for those errors is very low but he find some root causes that are being addressed in the upcoming release.

After the new changes take effect we will post here a notice.

Meanwhile, our suggestion is, when possible, to emit background requests (e.g.: in a staging area) to process the thumbnail before being live on the client.

Ok thanks, we will check our logs to see if we find any issue. I'll get back to you.

I don't get error 400 anymore.

Now i receive error #1203 and sometimes error #1205

You are still receiving the 400 bad request or just the #1203?

Yes, cookie is very large.

Error persist #1203


can you send me the request as a curl command for example? Without the cookie, I'll add a synthetic one.

Is the cookie very large?

Hi Pedro,

The error persists can you check again?


Can you try again? We have changed a configuration on our server.

yes, insert image here.


we will analyze our logs to see if the requests are OK.

Do you have an example request that return that error?


Pedro, sometimes i get this error: '400 Bad Request Request Header Or Cookie Too Large'

for what is this?



our issues are now resolved. We added some information here: https://blog.rethumb.com/2018/02/14/outage-1/

Thanks for your patience.

That's good news.

thank you very much.

Ok, that issue is in line with we are seeing on our side.

We will start migrating our infrastructure during the weekend to address that issue.

Thanks, the real problem is when upload new images.


I upload new image, i can't see the new image and after 10 min i can see new image. 

Okay thanks.

Not using that a CDN on that domain means that the requests are hitting our servers directly, having less protection in case of issues on our side.

In any case we are working to solve our current issues ASAP.

Yes, i am using cname.

Not CDN active for that domain.

Thanks, just to gather extra information, you are using the cname images.feriaferio.cl? Do you have a CDN active for that domain?


thanks for answering.



thanks for reporting, we are sorry for all the issues. At the moment we are trying to solve them with our VPS provider.

Can you please indicate your account email (if any) at rethumb?