"Request is being processed, please try again later #1204" endlessly

I'm getting the #1204 error for a large number of links and it doesn't seem to be going away, no matter how many times I reload. Unfortunately I can't share the links (private data) but they are being hosted by Google Cloud Storage. The original files are less than 1MB (although they're high res, 5400x4500).

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Done, thanks

Ok, thanks, can you please send me an example to info@rethumb.com

No change. Long hang, followed by the #1204 image.

Feel free to reach out to me via email for the specific URLs.

Odd, I'm not seeing 1204 errors on our side. Could you please check if it is a caching issue on your browser? E.g.: try accessing the image using other browser?

Yep it still seems to be a problem :-(

Hi, thanks for reporting this issue.

You are still seeing the error now? We had a spike in the number of images to process and our queue grew a bit, but ATM is empty.