Common Problems

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    All Non-cached images seems to be responding with an error!

    Igor Escobar · 0 · Posted


    I'm evaluating the use of Rethumb on our services and seems like since today all "non-cached" images are not being created.

    This image for example:

    I don't see a reason why it isn't being generated.

    But this one, created yesterday:

    It is working fine (Cloudflare cache I think).

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    Images not showing in Safari or Firefox browsers

    Tomas Hayes · 2 · Last reply by Pedro Verruma

    Works only in Chrome. 

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    Error #101 and Error #1203 many times

    Jose De leon · 20 · Last reply by Pedro Verruma

    We are having many problems for about 10 days with your service, from error 101 to error 1203.

    Another error that we are experiencing is the 400 answer by Headers large or cookie.

    I would appreciate support in this situation.

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    In Progress

    Gif animation is lost

    Tomas Hayes · 1 · Last reply by Pedro Verruma


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    "Request is being processed, please try again later #1204" endlessly

    Jeff S · 6 · Last reply by Jeff S

    I'm getting the #1204 error for a large number of links and it doesn't seem to be going away, no matter how many times I reload. Unfortunately I can't share the links (private data) but they are being hosted by Google Cloud Storage. The original files are less than 1MB (although they're high res, 5400x4500).

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    "The source format is invalid." when directory has dots in it

    Jeff S · 3 · Last reply by Jeff S

    I'm trying to create a source on google cloud storage, using the default bucket for an appengine app. It looks like this:

    When I try to enter this as a source, I get "The source format is invalid." Bucket names without dots seem to work fine.